How to Style Boy’s Mullet Hair

Once again boy’s mullet hair is in fashion. It is a look that was originally in favor way back in the 1980s but is now again a sight on our streets, not just in rural towns but also in big metropolises. It is a look that is unmistakable, though some people may still laugh at the idea you can guarantee that you would get noticed if you were sporting a mullet. If you are considering this option then take a moment to read the following useful advice.

For the proper inspiration you need to look back in time to people such as Jon Bon Jovi, David Hasselhoff, Hulk Hogan, and Billy Ray Cyrus. There are other icons less well known who also wore a mullet such as Nick Cave and David Bowie. If you have asked a friend or family member to give you such a cut then be certain to have close by a picture of a mullet wearing star for reference.

Mullets traditionally require shorter hair on the top and sides of the head with long flowing locks at the back. There are actually many different designs, for example mohawk mullets, spiky mullets, and dreadlock mullets. Read more

5 Awesome Haircuts For Little Boys

Little boys are on their way to becoming little men and you should let them be as fashionable as possible. One of the ways of letting your little boy be fashionable is giving him a great haircut. Here are 5 great haircuts for little boys:

Long haircut

If your boy has long hair you don’t have to cut it short-you should style it. To add texture, cut the hair with a razor blade instead of a pair of scissors. For a perfect look, let the hair go halfway over the ears. Also consider giving it bangs that land over the eyebrows. Read more

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

For high school students, a prom night becomes one of the most important events in their high school life because it is the night where female students turn into young adult women while male students turn into young adult men. Since the night is very important for both girls and boys, they certainly want to look gorgeous during the night. For this purpose, girls usually choose the best prom dresses. They usually go shopping some days prior in order to find the most suitable clothes.

As a matter of fact, in order to have a perfect performance for the prom night, the girls will also need to do their hair. Stunning dress and fine make up will be useless if they do not do their hair perfectly and appropriately. In order to have a perfect hair style, they should consider the length of their hair. If they have long hair, they should consider choosing Prom hairstyles for long hair. They should also match their hair do with the color and model of their prom dress because unsuitable hair style will ruin the whole performance.

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Teen Hair Cuts Show Variety and Individuality

Teen haircuts often mirror the latest style trends found in music, movies and television. While teens certainly emulate popular stars when deciding on their hair style, it is also true that celebrities and their stylists look to their teen-aged fans for ideas when determining what haircuts the celebrities should adopt.

Because people are the most experimental during their adolescent years, tomorrow’s new hair cuts are often first spotted in the halls of high schools and food courts of shopping malls.

Teens are always on the hunt for new ways to express their individuality, and unique hair cuts are an easy (and reversible) way to stand out. If they experiment and later decide they do not like it, there will only be a short time before it grows out and they can try something else. Read more

Reasons For Teen Hair Loss Relieved

Being a teenager is one stage in life that is the most exciting. This is the period of transition of childhood into adulthood. It is the period when puberty occurs. It also marks the beginning of the reproductive stage as males start releasing sperm, whilst females release ovum. There are a lot of physiological changes that take place. For boys, they develop muscles, deeper voices and beards. Girls develop breasts and hips. Both sexes grow hair under the armpits and around the genitals.

There are a lot of hormonal changes that take place. Testosterone and estrogen levels are at their highest. These androgens are vital for proper development. However, they can cause hair loss. Androgens interfere with the hair follicles such that there is disturbance of the normal development. The hair follicles fail to absorb food and oxygen from the blood stream. Hair will start falling out at a faster rate than normal.

Due to the hormonal imbalances, acne may develop. This is very common in both sexes. There is the production of a lot of oil by the sebaceous glands found in the skin. The oil will clog the pores where the hairs are supposed to come out. Pores which already have hair strands will also become clogged preventing the growth of hair. As hair chokes up, it dies and falls out. Read more