Reasons For Teen Hair Loss Relieved

Being a teenager is one stage in life that is the most exciting. This is the period of transition of childhood into adulthood. It is the period when puberty occurs. It also marks the beginning of the reproductive stage as males start releasing sperm, whilst females release ovum. There are a lot of physiological changes that take place. For boys, they develop muscles, deeper voices and beards. Girls develop breasts and hips. Both sexes grow hair under the armpits and around the genitals.

There are a lot of hormonal changes that take place. Testosterone and estrogen levels are at their highest. These androgens are vital for proper development. However, they can cause hair loss. Androgens interfere with the hair follicles such that there is disturbance of the normal development. The hair follicles fail to absorb food and oxygen from the blood stream. Hair will start falling out at a faster rate than normal.

Due to the hormonal imbalances, acne may develop. This is very common in both sexes. There is the production of a lot of oil by the sebaceous glands found in the skin. The oil will clog the pores where the hairs are supposed to come out. Pores which already have hair strands will also become clogged preventing the growth of hair. As hair chokes up, it dies and falls out. Read more

Some Tips on How to Do Scene Hair

Scene hair is on one of the most popular hairstyles for girls and even for boys. It is a popular hairstyle among teenagers and seems to grow in popularity every week. Whether it’s short scene hair or long, it is not just about styling the hair; a burst of color is also used to bring out the look. The colors that are usually used range from blond, purple, and red. Scene hair styles can be a bit tricky to do so pay close attention. In this article we will discuss some tips for styling your hair with a scene style.

Dye your hair
The color of your hair is just as important as how they will be styled in order to achieve scene guy hair and the same stands true for girls as well. The colors that are most popular are red, purple, blond, and even black. Some like to combine colors to get a more different look too. Black in this case does well to go with all of the other colors. Also black should be used as a base first before dying your hair with the other colors.

Cut your hair
You next need to cut your hair. Either you want a short hair look or some prefer one side to be long while the other is shorter. There is really no set of rules to scene hair; it just needs to look rebellious. The look is usually spiky so you will need some hair product to achieve this. It should be separated in clumps when cutting so one area of the hair is a different length than another. Read more