Reasons For Teen Hair Loss Relieved

Being a teenager is one stage in life that is the most exciting. This is the period of transition of childhood into adulthood. It is the period when puberty occurs. It also marks the beginning of the reproductive stage as males start releasing sperm, whilst females release ovum. There are a lot of physiological changes that take place. For boys, they develop muscles, deeper voices and beards. Girls develop breasts and hips. Both sexes grow hair under the armpits and around the genitals.

There are a lot of hormonal changes that take place. Testosterone and estrogen levels are at their highest. These androgens are vital for proper development. However, they can cause hair loss. Androgens interfere with the hair follicles such that there is disturbance of the normal development. The hair follicles fail to absorb food and oxygen from the blood stream. Hair will start falling out at a faster rate than normal.

Due to the hormonal imbalances, acne may develop. This is very common in both sexes. There is the production of a lot of oil by the sebaceous glands found in the skin. The oil will clog the pores where the hairs are supposed to come out. Pores which already have hair strands will also become clogged preventing the growth of hair. As hair chokes up, it dies and falls out.

There is a lot list of pressures that teens experience. The top on the list includes having a body to die for. This type of body should not show signs of fat. Dieting is very common. However, it may become extreme as one becomes obsessed about losing as much fat as possible. Eating disorders develop. Dieting has its side effects which include loss of nutrients, dehydration, loss of concentration and loss of hair. The follicles do not get sufficient nutrients. Because, there is a high requirement of nutrients during this stage, most nutrients will be used in body development. The hair shafts lose their strength and the hair easily breaks.

Drinking and taking drugs are included in the top of the pressure list. Teens start drinking alcohol, smoking, taking contraceptives and drugs. These bring their own changes in the body. There will be increased hormonal levels, reduced oxygen levels. All these factors brought about by these activities have a negative effect on the growth of the hair.

Teens always keep up with the latest trends including hair styles. The hair is styled into many different hair styles. Bleaching and dying of the hair is common. The use of chemicals tend to weaken the hair shaft, as well as the follicles. Chemicals may penetrate cells and change their composition such that there will be failure to regenerate. Hair styles that pull the hair tend to break the hair shaft and most of the time damages the hair follicles.