How to Style Boy’s Mullet Hair

Once again boy’s mullet hair is in fashion. It is a look that was originally in favor way back in the 1980s but is now again a sight on our streets, not just in rural towns but also in big metropolises. It is a look that is unmistakable, though some people may still laugh at the idea you can guarantee that you would get noticed if you were sporting a mullet. If you are considering this option then take a moment to read the following useful advice.

For the proper inspiration you need to look back in time to people such as Jon Bon Jovi, David Hasselhoff, Hulk Hogan, and Billy Ray Cyrus. There are other icons less well known who also wore a mullet such as Nick Cave and David Bowie. If you have asked a friend or family member to give you such a cut then be certain to have close by a picture of a mullet wearing star for reference.

Mullets traditionally require shorter hair on the top and sides of the head with long flowing locks at the back. There are actually many different designs, for example mohawk mullets, spiky mullets, and dreadlock mullets.

It is not important whether or not your hair is curly or straight. When we think about stars of the eighties such as David Hasselhoff and Billy Ray Cyrus we should remember that their mullets had the appearance of cascading waterfalls rather the being very straight at the back.

You should realize that mullets do require maintenance to keep their effect. This is easily done with a set of clippers, have the top and sides trimmed every few weeks.

A mullet can look cool whether you have blond hair or black. If you have been considering this fashions statement for a long time then there is no need to delay any further.